About Us

Do what you can, with what you have, where you are. Theodore Roosevelt

Why this foundation?

We believe this strongly. Everyday we come across many random acts of kindness. Some are so small that we forget and some are significant. But small or big, people around try to help each other in one way or other. This really inspires and motivates us.

There are some individuals who try to help others even they do not have a lot of fame, support, or an organization.. they just do it for the sake of humanity and to feel content. They do not expect donations, popularity in media and are so humble in what they do.

We wanted to HELP these self-motivated individuals in a way we can. Give them some coverage, let other people know that to HELP others, all we need is a HEART to HELP!

What we do for a living?

We are software developers; Have our day jobs; Live modestly in Texas, USA; Always an eye for those inspiring individuals.. we call themĀ OUR HEROES!!!

Interested to join us?

The more stories we can gather and the more people who can see this.. and even if 1 of them gets inspired and starts doing good.. then our mission is accomplished. Yes, we need help to inspire more people. Please email us info at helpinghelp.foundation if you are interested to join.